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Grip it Pad

Variety of  Uses...

Computer Hard Drives

Wireless & Mobile Devices

Cameras, Cases & Accessories

Cuts to Any Size - Works on Any Surface

Grip it Pad - EXTREME Mount

Used by Professionals

Photographers, Audio & Video Editors

Schools & Colleges,  ​Music Studios

DJ’s, Broadway Theaters 

Great for Everyone!



Grips Like A Wrench

 This product was recommended by a friend. When he showed it to me at a wedding that he was DJ'ing I knew right then that this was a good product. I use it on my portable Western Digital 1 TB drive. I DJ, so now I can mount my drive on a table or on the edge of my laptop and I don't worry about it sliding around. Two come in the package so I put the other on the bottom of my other portable hard drive. I purchased another set of these and put two of these on the bottom of a full size hard drive. 

After a year, still working well

Works great for a Samsung SSD and portable HD, and attaching it to the back of a macbook pro.

It provides extra padding for hard drive when not in use, and makes it a lot easier to work on my laptop while plugged into an ssd. I'm using a Samsung T5 and Seagate Backup Slims


Not cheap - but do the job.

I put a slip pad under the dashboard mount for my Garmin GPS unit. I had been having a lot of problems with it sliding off when I accelerated. This pad fixed the problem.

Q. Can these be cut and used for other devices?

  1. Yes you can, I used it with my phone. 
  2. Very easy to cut down for other electronic devices. I use it for all my smartphones.
  3. Yes, one can definitely cut it very easily to any shape or size. 


Great expander for MacBook Pro.

I use it to attach a 3TB portable hard drive right on the lid of my MacBook Pro, which has only limited memory being solid state. Now I have plenty of memory for editing video and music. Before, I was constantly having to clear off the drive -- sometimes between every project. It may not be slick and pretty, but it sure is functional.

Five Stars. GOOD STUFF...

"One of the B&H Photo store's sales team mentioned these to me, and I bought them for a friend who loves them"

B&H Photo - Top Seller

B&H Photo Reviews 4.7/5

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