Hard Drive Anti-Slip Grip Pad by Grip it tech

Grip it Pad Surface

Grip it Pad Surface

Grip it Pad SurfaceGrip it Pad SurfaceGrip it Pad Surface

Grips Everything!

Grip it Pad

Active Hard Drive Protection

Grip Pad for All Tech Devices

Computer Hard Drives

Mobile & Wireless Devices

Cameras, Cases & Accessories

Grip it Pad

Used by Professionals

Photographers, Audio & Video Editors

DJ’s, Broadway Theaters & 

Film Production Companies

Grip it Pad Reviews

"Product works Great"

“Product works great. I have two remote disc drives with them now and two more to do. These unpowered drives have nothing to keep them from sliding freely and these pads prevent that. 

Great! J”   1/2019

"After a year, still working well"

"Works great for a Samsung SSD and portable HD, and attaching it to the back of a macbook pro.

It provides extra padding for hard drive when not in use, and makes it a lot easier to work on my laptop while plugged into an ssd."  3/2018 

"Awesome grip!"

"I added these pads to my MacBook Pro because I was tired of losing my grip. 

Worked like a charm! " 8/2019

Amazon - VINE VOICE  

"This pad fixed the problem."  1/2019

Made in USA Exclusively by Grip it Tech